Why Does Popcorn Jump?

popcornFor me, it started with popcorn. I discovered The New York Times ScienceTake video explaining the physics behind the glorious dance of the popcorn kernel, and I was entranced. Sadly, I can’t manage to get the video to embed, so you are going to have to

Click here to see it.

I know, it’s annoying. But just click. You’ll be amazed.

It makes me think how much fun it would be to have young people choreograph a dance (or gymnastics routine) based on these gyrating kernals.

It also led me to track down the Times’ Science Take Video Channel, with its undulating octopi, the hawk-view camera, and amazing views from space. It is a treasure trove for the curious, perhaps the 21st century version of my hours spent exploring the family encyclopedia. Any of these short videos could be the basis of a great 10-minute problem-finding lesson, just by watching the video and considering the questions it raises. It also has the potential for interesting rainy day family entertainment.

So tune in to Science Take, enjoy, and let us know what you find. There’s a lot to wonder about.

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