Creativity in the Classroom: Why and How

elephantpaintingIn the busy worlds of schools and families, we don’t have for unimportant things. With test scores to raise, and the responsibility to teach everything from desk organization to Internet safety, isn’t creavity just one more thing?

No. In fact, it might just be the thing. There are many reasons we need creativity for a healthy society–not to mention a healthy economy–but here we will talk just about creativity and learning. For the truth is, learning and creativity are inextricably intertwined. If we want students to learn with depth and understanding, creativity is an essential part of the picture. If you’d like to learn more, there are two ways to start.

The Creativity in the Classroom Model briefly overviews the theoretical relationships among creativity, motivation, and learning for understanding. If you want to begin with the WHYs of creativity in the classroom, this is a place to start. Start with the overview, then explore the connections for each aspect of the model.

If you are more interested in the HOWs, 3 Keys to Creativity in the Classroom gives you three major ways to begin to think about creativity in schools.

And, of course, each week I blog about supporting creativity, in ways big and small. Sometimes posts are theoretical, more often they include suggestions for activities to support creativity from preschool through adulthood. Always, they’ll be better with your contributions, so come on down!

One thought on “Creativity in the Classroom: Why and How

  1. What rings a bell for me is when it states that if we want students to learn with depth and understanding, creativity is essential. For years, teachers have equated learning to mastery of a rubric.


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