Creativity in the Classroom: A Model

The more I think and learn about creativity, the more I come to believe that it is at the absolute core of schooling. It is part of a triad of elements that make schools effective. Imagine a knot, with one key element at each point. We can call it the “Creativity in the Classroom Model,” although we could name it after learning for understanding, or intrinsic motivation, just as well. Each element is dependent on, and contributes to, the others, intertwining in complex ways.



 Learning for Understanding                                Intrinsic Motivation and Motivation to Learn

If we want optimum learning, we must strive for intrinsic motivation, motivation to learn, and creativity. If we want creativity, we must support intrinsic motivation and help students learn for understanding. And, of course, optimum motivation is enhanced though opportunities to learn for understanding and use content in creative ways. The next few pages examine each pair of elements in the model.

Creativity and Learning for Understanding

Learning for Understanding and Motivation

Creativity and Motivation

8 thoughts on “Creativity in the Classroom: A Model

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  6. I agree that optimum learning is intrinsic motivation, motivation to learn, and creativity. But how can we improve intrinsic motivation in students who really don’t see it personally rewarding?


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