OLogy: Choose Your Exploration

ologylogoThe American Museum of Natural History’s OLogy site, subtitled “The Museum’s Science Website for Kids” could also be labeled, “Catalog of Creative Scientific Investigations.”

OLogy allows students to “Choose an OLogy,” from Anthropology to Zoology, and then explore resources in each area. There are interviews with scientists, interesting facts, polls to take, games to play, and all manner of other explorations. I particularly like the “Field Work” and “Meet the Ologist” activities that introduce students to investigative techniques in various disciplines. For example, under Archeology, field work activities teach students how to analyze trash for archeological clues, and how to keep a field journal. Interviews with diverse scientists across disciplines provide glimpses into the real-world life in each field.

For teachers who want to help students explore the lives of creative scientists, or the investigations into their disciplines, OLogy is a treasure. And while you are “at” the museum, take a look some of the fascinating online exhibitions. I had a grand time exploring “Our Global Kitchen: Food, Nature, Culture.” Who knows what treasures you will find? If you’ve used any of these resources with students, we’d love to hear about it.


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