A Capella Science: Creative Science Delights

Do you teach high school science? Do you like a capella music? Do your students? How about parodies? Amazingly clever lyrics? If you like any of these you really need to see the YouTube channel A Cappella Science. Like so many things, I was introduced to A Cappella Science via social media. Here’s one of their latest offerings, Evo-Devo, a Despacito biology parody. Some of the science is outside my expertise but the creativity is not.

Of course this is just the beginning. You can view “Bohemian Gravity,” “The Molecular Shape of You,” and more. If you’d like to study or critique the lyrics, you can find many of them at Genius or MusixMatch. You can follow A Capella Science on Facebook. But the best part is, these wonderful science/music mixes can inspire your students to frame their science understandings in something other than a lab report. Their efforts need not be as long or elaborate as these, but they might be.

If your students create something interesting, please share. We’d love to see it!


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