Just Had to Share!

img_4655Look what appeared in my mailbox this week! It is a Chinese version of Creativity in the Classroom, published in Beijing. I’m not actually sure when it was published, but it arrived here just recently.

I’ll admit the package took my breath away. It is always hard for me to imagine that people really read the things I write (OK, I know that is silly), but thinking about people half a world away reading my words in a language I can’t read–well, it doesn’t get much more amazing than that. And wonderful. And humbling. I am honored to think someone somewhere may find the book of value, so far from where it was written. I love thinking that teachers far away, who care for their students as I’ve always cared for mine, want to give those students the chance to develop in new and creative ways. If I can be a small part of that, what else could I want?

So I just had to share.

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