The BreakThrough Junior Challenge: Relativity in 7 Minutes

EinsteinatBoardHow would you like to explain the Theory of Relativity? In seven minutes? On video? That’s the task Ryan Chester took up when entering the Breakthrough Junior Challenge. Not only did Ryan succeed in creating his video, but he won the Breakthrough Junior Challenge, earning a hefty college scholarship and a prize for his high school teacher as well.

Want to see? Here’s Ryan.

The Breakthrough Junior Challenge is a spinoff of the Breakthrough Prize, a prize for science innovation funded by some of the biggest names in technology. It asks students, ages 13-18 to create short videos explaining key concepts or theories in math, life sciences, or physics. So why not explain relativity? Why not, indeed.

Perhaps Ryan can serve as inspiration for your students, as they think about the competition next year. In fact, Breakthrough Junior has lots of inspiring entries. You can view the finalists’ videos here. If full blown videos are more than your students (or you) want to tackle, remember the idea of using creative video to explain science principles can take many forms. Remember the 6Second Science Fair? Think about how you and your students can use video to bring science to life. You never know where it might take you—and if you have video you’d like to share, we’d love to see it!


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