30 Days to Creative Bliss: A Creative Blast from the Past

30daystocrativeblissWhen we talk to young people about the dangers of posting potentially damaging photos and commentary on social media, one of the key arguments is, “Once you post it, it never goes away.” Fortunately for us, the flip side of this statement is, “When there’s good stuff online, it often stays there a long time.” So it is with the 2012 web series, “30 Days to Creative Bliss.” In it, How magazine, a publication for graphic designers, presents thirty exercises, prompts, and stories for spurring creativity.

The collection is design-oriented but still varied. For example, Day 10 suggests designing a store for a chocolatier. Day 28 suggests designing a rookie card for a friend or teammate—but doesn’t specify the area in which the person is a rookie.

Day 21 addresses one of my favorite topics (see here, here, or here, for example) by suggesting Celebrate Failure Day, when participants are asked to identify at least one major failure they’ve had, celebrate it and consider what it has to teach them.

30 Days to Creative Bliss was created for designers rather than school teachers, but who needs creative design more than teachers? You could use the site to spur your own creativity or to pull (or inspire) ideas for class activities—either full-fledged lessons or options to pull out in those “What-on-earth-do-I-do-in-the-last-15-minutes-before-winter-break?” moments. If you teach middle or high school students, the site could be one of your suggested options for students who have completed an assignment before others and need to be productively occupied. Suggest they (perhaps randomly) pick a day and complete the challenge. See if it increases their bliss!

30 Days to Creative Bliss is a fine resource for anyone interested in enhancing creativity. Check it out while the web still preserves it. If you find an interesting way to use it, please share.

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