LEGOs, Rube Goldberg, and Science Fun

chainreactionsI’ve always loved Rube Goldberg machines. So when I discovered a book designed to help make “Chain Reaction” machines out of LEGOs, I jumped at the chance. Together with a 10-year-old friend, we built the first contraption in just a few minutes. It looked almost identical to the photo at the left, and was made entirely of materials included with the book. To complete the other, more elaborate, chain reactions, you’ll need additional LEGOs. The book will work best for families (or classes) with good-sized LEGO collections. But for young prospective engineers, the potential chain reactions are irresistible. Want to see? Check out this video. Yes, it’s an ad, but it also helps you envision what is possible.



LEGO Chain Reactions includes clear directions for a variety of machines, along with basics of the physics involved. The machines can be combined at will to make more complex chain reactions. And, of course, they can lead to even more original designs as young builders envision what is possible. LEGO Chain Reactions can be a great resource for family fun, home schoolers, or classes studying simple machines. It’s science mixed with creativity. What more could you ask? Before long, you might look like the young boy in the video below. Take a look at that smile!

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