6-Second Science!

6secondscienceWhile working on my “Ideas are Scary” post, I came across one more irresistible item from General Electric—a 6-second science fair. For a week last August, General Electric challenged young people to create 6-second videos using the Vine app and post them on Twitter under #6SecondScience. Talk about a social media bonanza!

While the fair itself is complete (hopefully only for this year), the artifacts continue to inspire. You can see some of them in the link above, or the video below.

What a fabulous idea for a project. Think about a principle you are teaching. Surface tension? Magnetism? Air pressure? Challenge students to illustrate it in an original way. The app is free and the possibilities nearly limitless. Think about your own 6-second science fair, for school parents’ night or an exciting evening at home. I’d love love (one “love” just isn’t strong enough) to see what you create!

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