Creativize Your Curriculum

musicteacherRecently I had the wonderful opportunity to work with some Korean teachers interested in incorporating more creativity in their teaching. We had only a short time together, and so it was important to stick to a few key ideas. Like many teachers, they have a required curriculum, and any creative adaptations must build on those requirements. It made me think, what principles could help teachers adapt curriculum, regardless of subject area, or even area of the world?

For my first draft, I came up with three principles and seven questions for “creativizing” curriculum.  Think about how they might work with the required content in your part of the world. What principles or questions might you add? This is a work in progress!

First, three principles describe the nature of the overall curriculum.

Curriculum supportive of creativity

  • Is organized around key ideas and questions that can be viewed from multiple perspectives.
  • Includes instructional techniques that require students to ask questions, generate varied options, and consider multiple perspectives.
  • Uses multiple formative and summative assessments, including some that offer choices and use content in new ways.

Next, when planning the lessons and assessments, consider the following questions.

  • Is there a place it would be helpful to generate many ideas?
  • Would it be helpful to take a different perspective or point of view?
  • How could I use a “what if” question?
  • Would asking students to add detail enhance their understanding?
  • How could I incorporate metaphor into our discussion?
  • How can I get students to ask questions and investigate?
  • How could students apply their knowledge in a new situation?

What do you think? If you examine a planned lesson with these in mind, could it be helpful?  What else would you ask?

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