Moving Beyond the One Right Answer Trap

A few weeks ago I had the interesting opportunity to be interviewed for BAM Radio, an internet radio station that addresses all manner of important issues in education. I was part of a conversation with writer/researcher Dr. Yong Zhao and Justin Snider, who teaches creative writing. We talked about the dilemmas posed by “One Right Answer” teaching, and the associated problems for our culture, economy, and children. It was a very interesting conversation, and is now available on BAM radio. The only problem is, I can’t hear it, and at this point, neither can any of you who are reading on a Mac product. Sad. But any of you reading on a PC may want to check it out. You can let me know how it turned out.

Here’s the link, (almost) straight from their website.  The link will get you there on a Mac but then you won’t be able to hear anything. Too bad. If they are able to solve the Mac problem, I’ll let you know. Here’s the BAM introduction:

Our guests say that we are confused about the ultimate goal of education. Tune in to find out why the focus on teaching students the one right answer undermines what they and our nation needs most in the decades ahead.

via Moving Beyond the One Right Answer Trap.
****MAC users update

Thanks to a PC-using colleague, I’ve now have a handy mp3 file of the broadcast to share. You can’t explore the rest of the BAM website, but you can hear the broadcast–and so can I. Technology is great, but helpful friends and colleagues are even better.

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