Toys, Toys, Toys

Who doesn’t wish for some new toys as summer goes on–especially if you have a few too many rainy (or unbearably hot) days? Each year the National Association for Gifted Children compiles a list of recommended new toys, focusing on toys that allow children opportunities to think and create. As you think about activities for the summer–either at school or at home– this list may give you some ideas. If you are interested in more toy lists or other information on meeting the needs of bright and creative children, visit the NAGC website. You can find more older toy lists now, and, typically, a new one in the fall before the December holidays. But for now, here’s the fall 2011 list. I know it is a bit hard to read on my small computer screen (toys on the second page are easier, so don’t give up yet). If you have trouble, use the “full screen” option at the lower right, or you can find the original here. Either way, enjoy!

If none of those capture your imagination, try one of my favorite blog posts of all times, “The Five Best Toys of All Time.” I’ll give you a hint. The first toy on the list is a stick. The last one is dirt. Check out all five for creative fun. Love it.

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