Just for Fun: Late to the Bardcore Party

Just in case you, like me, missed the Bardcore genre when it emerged in 2020, this seemed like a good day to share a bit, just for fun. Somehow I missed the phenomenon when it was streaking across the Internet, but it is still a fine example of genre-bending flexibility that folks who are interested in creativity are likely to enjoy.

What is Bardcore? It is a musical micro-genre in which pop hits are played on medieval sounding instruments, sometimes with period-appropriate lyrics. For a smile, check out The Guardian’s introduction to the genre. You can enjoy Bardcore as good geeky recreation or think about how it might be used as inspiration for music class activities. If you teach music history, how better to check students’ understanding of particular styles or time periods than to challenge them to adapt current music to reflect past trends. It is not an easy task, but for students with a passion for music history or composition, might be exactly right. And who knows, perhaps they can spark another Internet boom in another style. If they do, someone please tell me before I’m late to another party!

Want to hear a bit?

Here is Cornelius Link’s Bardcore version of Pumped Up Kicks, one of the early Bardcore sensations.

Or if you’d prefer a little country, how about Hildegard von Blingin’s Bardcore version of Jolene?

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