Acorn Elves, Just for Fun

It is autumn in Michigan, that beautiful season that fills me with equal amounts of awe and dread. Crisp fall days with glorious leaves and (pre-COVID) cider mill trips are some of the most beautiful of the year. But we all know what’s coming next. Winds come, leaves fall, and November gloom descends before we are buried in snow and ice. Snow can be beautiful, too, but winters are long here.

So, while we can, it is time to get outside and enjoy the beauty. And just because it is 2020, I think we need some whimsy as well. To the rescue come the Dubanci of a Czech artist whose name seems to be missing from his website. Dubanci, according to the website, means acorn elves, imaginative creatures fashioned from acorns and twigs.

If your children or students are old enough to work with a hot glue gun, acorn elves could be the perfect craft project for a fall day, and inspiration for original stories. An instructional video on the Dubanci Facebook page notes that other kinds of glue can be frustrating, but you might find something else that works for you. Acorn elves also could be used to experiment with photography as a way of both preserving fragile works of art and creating varied scenes and stories with the elves. And they make me smile.

So, next post I’ll dig back into the serious work of creativity research. For now I want to go outside, look for acorns, and think about some elves.

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