Jarrett Lerner to the Rescue

Want to make a comic book? Create a character? Play a scribble game? Do you really really need some summer fun when activities are closed?  Author/illustrator Jarrett Lerner has your back.

Lerner, author of books like EngiNerds (and Revenge of the EngiNerds!), has a wonderful website, full of treasures for teachers, students and parents. There’s downloadable art work in several areas (here’s one to start with), and a link to the full version of his book Knights of the Kids’ Table.

Best of all (and maybe especially for families with a long summer ahead), there are loads of interesting options for creative art and imagination activities. You can find them at the Activities link of the website. They include Blank Comic Book Pages, Special Activities like “Design a Mask”, “How to Draw…” Instructions, “Finish This Comic!” Comics, and Drawing/Writing Prompts. There really is something for everyone. I’d like to try some myself! If you could use a break, a moment of creativity, or something new to share with cranky young people, this might be exactly what you need. Take a look. You can get a preview in the video below.


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