What’s in the HUTCH? A Chance for Creativity!

Sometimes even the most interesting creative project can start to feel like a burden. Experiments don’t work and have to be redesigned. Poetry needs editing. Interviews have to be transcribed and paintings need work. Those moments, when the initial inspiration and excitement have to give way to persistence and hard work, can be particularly discouraging to young creators. One of the best ways I’ve found to help young people maintain their interest and push through hard creative work is a sense of potential audience. Students creating a walking tour of historical buildings were much more willing to edit when the Chamber of Commerce wanted to display their work. Science and invention fairs have long provided budding researchers and inventors with interested audiences. And, of course, school and district literary magazines can be wonderful opportunities for young writers. Enter HUTCH, “A creativity magazine by kids for kids.

HUTCH is a literary and creativity magazine, published semi-annually under the direction of Peter H. Reynolds, author of two of my favorite books, The Dot and Ish, and his non-profit foundation. The magazine features stories, art, poetry, book reviews, travel logs and interviews submitted by young people. It is published in a glossy magazine format and also available online. Each issue focuses on a particular theme, like “The Great Outdoors,” “That Was Funny!” or “I was Brave, I am Brave, I will be Brave!”

How can your students participate? Each spring and fall, HUTCH invites children ages 5-12 to submit art, poetry, stories, book reviews, photos and other journalistic pieces for consideration. See the information for teachers, parents, and guardians here. The next deadline is April 15, 2019, for the theme “Small Pleasures and Hidden Treasures: What Makes Your Heart Happy?”

HUTCH can inspire young creators and the adults around them. Take a look. Maybe a young person you know will want to explore ideas about hidden treasures and share them with HUTCH. You never know what might appear!



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