Go to High School, Make a Record

I love it when I hear stories of students whose creative contributions astound me and bring me hope. That’s how I felt when I read about the students in the Creative Musical Arts and Sciences program at Arcadia High School in Phoenix, AZ. These students, in high school, are earning music credits while essentially operating their own record label. They learn about the musical and technical skills needed for music production—talk about problem-based learning! I recognize that the equipment and expertise for this type of endeavor aren’t available in every district, but we can still be inspired. And it makes me wonder, what other types of real-world endeavors could operate in secondary schools, based on local opportunities and talent? We have several schools in our area that have run auto shops or construction companies that operate in the community. Might it be possible to operate an environmental research center, an archeology dig, or a museum in a high school? What else? I don’t know, but now I’m wondering. Take a look at the students from Arcadia and see how they inspire you.

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