Inventor’s Challenge: Cure Those January Blues

I can’t decide if I should begin, “Oh my, is January half over?” or “Really? Is January only half over?” It seems the time since the all-too-short holidays has flown by, but I’m already pretty tired of sub-zero wind chills and, seemingly, half the people I know having the flu. Good grief.

What should we do to feel more hopeful? How about sponsoring an inventor’s challenge? Nothing like hopeful problem solving to make days happier! This is the time for preparing entries for the 2018 Inventor’s Challenge. The 3rd Annual Inventor’s Challenge, sponsored by AT&T and, invites young people around the world to invent solutions to challenges in their homes, schools or communities. The basic steps are simple:

1. Find a problem your want to solve in your home, school, or community.
2. Invent something to solve it, it could be physical or digital.
3. Make a video sharing your invention with the world

The competition is open to individual students or sponsored groups of students grades pre-K through 12. For more information and specifics for entering, see the Inventor’s Challenge website. Because the program is open to even the youngest students, inventions need not be technologically complicated—just effective in solving the problem. The Inventor’s Challenge begins accepting videos February 1 and continues throughout the month of February. Want a little more inspiration? How about these problem solvers of the future? They make me think I may survive January after all.



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