Needing Some Valentine’s Day Love

sendingloveI’ve found the last week pretty hard. In this climate of anger and fear, it is hard to imagine when things will feel calm and safe again. I wish I knew. I do know that I feel surprisingly happy to think that there is a holiday all about love just a few weeks away. I’ve posted creative Valentine’s Day options before and I’ll include links below.

But this year, perhaps, it is time for your students to think about who in their community could use some extra doses of love and care. The local homeless shelter? The people working with refugees? Perhaps the staff at the post office or local emergency room? Think about how Valentine’s Day can give us a chance to build community and caring. Then, let’s do it. I’m going to try. I’d like to introduce some Syrian women who recently moved to my city to the idea of sharing valentines. Sounds like a plan to me. What’s yours?

For more creative Valentine’s Day options, see below.

Here is a list of creative options for classroom Valentine’s Day activities from a few year’s back. My favorite is having students make a case for which body part other than the heart should be the symbol of love. Who’s for supporting the pancreas?

Here’s another list, for home or school, including some helpful books and heart-shaped food items that could be fun.

Finally, in case your missed the post on I Love You More Than Moldy Ham, well, the title speaks for itself!

Let’s spread a little love around this month. We can all use it.


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