Inventors Challenge!

inventorIt’s a new year and a new time for thinking creatively about our world. And just in time to get us started, the Imagination Foundation has teamed with AT&T Aspire to sponsor the 2017 Inventor’s Challenge. This is not a long term project, but a good way to get the new year off to a imaginative start. The challenge begins January 17, when students are invited to invent something “amazing, cool, maybe even a bit wacky” with the tools and materials at hand. A week later, on January 24, inventors will share their inventions with their communities and the world, using #inventorschallenge and #ATTimpact.

If you’d like to be inspired—or to inspire your students, take a look at these videos from 2016. A few of them are technically slick, but for the most part these are regular kids who inspire without intimidating. And how could I not love the cat desk? I wonder if there is any chance this would keep mine off the keyboard? (I can’t get this video to embed without jumping to a different inventor, so just click. It will make you smile.)

So have a happy and creative New year everyone. And if you’d like to get the new year off to an inventive start, keep your eyes on the Imagination Foundation for upcoming news and details.

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