Fallonventions: How Can We Resist?

fallonOK, I’ll admit it. Staying up late to watch the beginning of Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show is one of my guilty pleasures. I know I should go to bed. I know I can see videos the next day. But  Fallon’s inventive craziness is sometimes too much to resist.

One of my favorite segments is Fallonventions. In partnership with GE, Fallon invites kid inventors on the show to demonstrate their inventions. Take a look. Here’s “Back Scratcher 2.0.”

The eDrink charges a phone using heat from a coffee mug.

Or how about the Eat Corder? You have to admit it is original.

Fallonventions could make a great introduction to (or inspiration for) an invention project. Note that the Back Scratcher 2.0 was inspired by teachings about levers–who knows what your students (or children) could do? For more Fallonvention videos and directions for submitting to the program, see their website. For more information on working on inventions with students, you might start with Invent Iowa, PBS’s Design Squad, your local maker space, or any number of online invention resources. Enjoy!


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