Food Gathering for a Better Earth Day

earthIt’s Earth Day—time to think about this beautiful planet on which we live. This morning I received an Earth Day message from our local Food Gatherers organization that made me think about creativity. Really. Let’s start with the idea that 30-40% of the food in our communities is not eaten.


Food Gatherers, of course, was a creative idea. As the name implies, it “rescues” food that would otherwise have gone to waste at stores and restaurants, as well as growing—and encouraging others to grow—food for those who need it. It was founded by the amazing Zingerman’s Delicatessen, but is now an independent nonprofit agency. I’m proud to part of a community that supports such a thing.

But we are only one small city. Just imagine how much food, in total, is wasted in our communities. Can you think about a better problem for young creative minds to address? What happens to unserved restaurant food in your area? Baked goods one day past their expiration date? What other possible sources of food might be tapped for the hungry near you? Sad to say, I feel confident assuming all of you can work on this problem. What a perfect opportunity for Creative Problem Solving. Take a look at the Food Gathers’ website and see if it inspires you. Perhaps this Earth Day can send you on a new creative journey that will make your part of the earth a better place. I hope so.

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