Adobe Edex: Explore the Possibilities

EdexAre you interested in creativity? Do you use Adobe products (who doesn’t)? Do you wish you knew more about them? Would you like to share ideas with teachers around the globe? Adobe Edex may be just what you need.

Adobe Education Exchange (Edex) bills itself as “your online hub to help ignite creativity in your classroom.” It is a rich collection of resources, professional development (free!), and opportunities for peer collaboration that can enhance the use of technology for users at any level. Novice users can find a wealth of “Get Up and Running” options in the professional development area, but (as they say on late-night TV advertisements), that’s not all!

There are more advanced options for experienced users, but most interesting of all, a seven workshop series on Creativity in Today’s Classroom. Of course that piqued my interest, so I decided to explore the first workshop, which begins by defining creativity. Imagine my surprise and delight to find they focused their definitions by quoting me! I haven’t gone through the entire course, but the content I did explore was of high quality and could be an interesting source for an individual or professional learning community to explore. Naturally, there is a focus on using technology (and I did get caught in one loop that wouldn’t let me out of a product overview), but there is a lot to learn in Edex from people who genuinely value creativity.

If you are interested in enhancing creativity through technology—yours and your students–you can find a community in Edex. There are discussions to join, courses to take, and new colleagues to meet. If you have an interesting experience there, or try a new Adobe project, we’d love to hear about it.

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