Valentine’s Day: Creatively Speaking

valentineheartIt’s time again for hearts and chocolate, poetry and romance—or what passes for romance in elementary schools. Perhaps it’s because those of us in the north are anxious to think about anything other than snow, rather than any great educational import, but many school halls are full of valentines these days. And lots of older students are more focused on Valentine’s Day matches than sporting ones. Might as well use the occasion to spark some creative curriculum!

I’ve written about creative valentine ideas for several years now, so here’s my Valentine’s Day Reprise of blogs from Valentine’s Days past. Enjoy and create—and maybe send some new ideas.

Here’s my original list of interdisciplinary Valentine’s Day ideas, from Venn diagrams to electron valentines.

The next year I listed five more activities about hearts, good for schools or families. Use them to explore photographs, Twitter romance, or heart-shaped pizza.

Last year I shared The Awesome Book of Love and other kinds of Valentine’s Day poetry.

Enjoy, and may your Valentine’s Day bring you smiles.

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