U.S. Readers: Elections Coming

ballotboxHere’s an example of creativity in action. U.S. readers know that midterm elections are only a week away. While the airways are full of campaign advertising, getting clear information on polling places, ballot information, etc. can be much more challenging. So WordPress, Google, the Pew Charitable Trust and election officials across the country have come together to create the Voter Information Project (VIP). By entering your address, you can find your polling place, along with other local information. You can even create an Election Day event for your calendar!

I’m going to be voting soon, and I hope those of you in the U.S. will be doing so as well. if you’d like more information on where to vote or (in some cases) what issues will appear on your ballot, enter your address below. Information available will vary by location, but it’s all useful. Thanks, VIP!

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