Storybook: Stories of Creativity to Inspire You

storybookphotoRemember Caine’s Arcade? In that viral moment, a chance encounter between a young boy with a cardboard arcade and a filmmaker became an Internet phenomenon. It also launched the nonprofit Imagination Foundation, whose mission is to foster creativity and innovation in children around the world.

cardboardchallenge14I first learned about the Imagination Foundation through their Global Cardboard Challenge, a yearly day of celebrating creativity by building cardboard creations. (Mark your calendar now for October 11, 2014!) I love the Cardboard Challenge’s celebration of imagination and joy in creating—just looking at photos of the children’s faces makes me smile.

Now the folks at the Imagination Foundation have a new project, Storybook. Storybook is a collection of stories about creativity. There are creative school projects for budding entrepreneurs, community projects to clean up blight, and a near-miraculous project in which students from a war-divided community in Bosnia united for a creative cardboard challenge.

Clearly Storybook is just beginning. Right now the collection of stories is fairly small—just right for browsing. But if you are looking for stories to inspire your students—or just a moment to make you smile and spur you on to more imaginative things–Storybook may be exactly the right place. Take a look, then look around you for places your own creativity may be put to use.

And who knows, one day the story may be about you.

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