Everybody’s a Critic: Think Like an Artist!

artmuseumToday’s post features another interesting activity from the Institute of Play, in collaboration with the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA)—a “friendly game of observation and persuasion” called “Everybody’s a Critic.” Everybody’s a Critic can be played at MOMA, in any other art gallery, or in a classroom filled with reproductions of artworks. In the game, students take on the roles of artist and critic, investigating the “secret theme” as displayed in different works of art. Everybody’s a Critic can be played with 2 or 3 players, or in a larger version for 3 or more. It can be downloaded here or from the Everybody’s a Critic page at the Institute of Play website.

Everybody’s a Critic is a fine way to begin thinking beyond the obvious in observing works of art, use critical thinking, and take on differing perspectives. If you anticipate a class (or family) trip to an art gallery, this would be a wonderful way to provide students with focus and opportunities for flexible thinking.

To go one more step, it would be fun to think about playing the same game—or your own variation—with student artworks. Or think about a class deciding on a “secret theme” and creating a collection of works to reflect it. What a great way to prepare a class exhibit! If you invent a new way to use this game I (and I’m sure the Institute of Play folks) would love to hear about it.

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