Mighty Creative Girls

MIghtyGirlLogoAs Women’s History Month, March is the perfect time to think about girls. At the website A Mighty Girl, they do that all year long. Now, A Mighty Girl is clearly a commercial website—and don’t do commercial endorsements here—but if you want to find resources to teach young girls about creative women past and present, A Mighty Girl is a mighty fine place to begin. They have a good selection of biographies of famous women, and dolls and action figures that include real women (Florence Nightingale, anyone?). They also have a collection of toys in which it is clear girls can enjoy colors beyond pink and purple. I love it.

sarahemmaedmondsPerhaps the most useful part of the website is their blog—sometimes product-driven, but often full of useful information. For example, I love this months’ blog about Ten Women You Might Not Know But Should. Do you know about Sarah Emma Edmonds? She was a Canadian woman who enlisted in the Union army during the U.S. Civil War as SarahedmondsFrank“Frank Thompson.” “Frank” was a master of disguise and served as a spy—including multiple costumes in which Sarah, disguised as Frank, then disguised herself as a woman! Could you ask for a better example of flexible thinking?

I knew about Sarah, but I did not know of Irena Sendler, a Polish social worker who, at great personal risk, led an operation to smuggle 2,500 children from the Warsaw ghetto. She managed it through a simple but brilliantly creative strategy, entering the ghetto as a nurse looking for typhus, she hid children in ambulances, or disguised them as packages.  Irena’s story has become more widely known as the result of research by three high school students—mighty girls, themselves.

There are more impressive stories, but you really should read the blog yourself—then share it with the mighty girls–and boys—in your life.  And here’s Irena. May she inspire as much as she does me.


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