Paper Dresses: How Much Fun are These?

mayhem0Sometimes something comes across your desk and just makes your whole day. That happened to me this week when I first read about 4-year old “Mayhem,” who makes paper dresses with her mom. Fueled with paper, tape, and creativity, the duo makes dresses inspired by everything from runway favorites to a shark at the acquarium. Starting with the basic dress at the left, they’ve evolved into interpretations of high fashion. Reading about them made me anxious to see the original blog, #FashionbyMayhem.  It’s clear that the sudden national attention has been stressful for the family, but it is clear how it happens–how can we resist sharing?

mayhem2Of course, there are lots of other paper dresses. You might like to explore the paper dresses of the 1960′s,  the Charmin contest to create a wedding dress out of toilet paper (yes, really!), or high fashion paper dresses.  A quick search of “how to make a paper dress” will lead you to many options for fashions made of newspaper, wrapping paper, or almost anything you can imagine. But nothing makes me smile as much as 4-year-old Mayhem’s work.

And so, I hand the creativity chain off to you. Share Mayhem’s fashions with anyone who needs a smile or a creative inspiration. Take out the construction paper, scissors, and tape. Let your imagination go wild. Let the fashion lights shine!

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