Christmas Gifts for You

nativityHere is it, just a few days before Christmas, and I suspect that in the predominently Christian parts of the world, few people are reading blogs. And in truth, that is as it should be. These are not the days for solo hours at the computer, but time for family and friends–or for seeking out those who might need our company and service. But, in case there are some who would welcome a short video break, I offer two gifts.

First, enjoy this celebration of musical creativity. I suspect you’ve never heard a piano played quite the way the Piano Guys manage it here. Fair warning: You may want to use caution sharing this video with creative children without clear directions about which techniques may and may not be attempted on your piano!

And finally, for those of you who believe, as I do, that Christmas commemorates events both sacred and profound, here is a gift to make your holiday a bit more beautiful. No words. Just beautiful music and a reminder of things bigger than ourselves.

Merry Christmas readers, near and far! I’ll return for the New Year.

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