Creative Kids: The Magazine

CreativeKids1Where do creative kids go to publish their latest story, poem, editorial, review, or just about anything else? One possible answer is Creative Kids magazine.

Creative Kids is a magazine “by kids, for kids” ages 8-16—it even has a brand new advisory board of students aged 7-15. Creative Kids aims to include prose, poetry and artwork from students around the world, though the most recent edition is almost entirely from students in the United States. Still, it is interesting and potentially inspirational reading. There are editorial-style writings on teen fashion, the [over]use of plastic, and treatment of individuals with disabilities; reviews of current literature; and fascinating fiction. How about a story that begins, “My first time in a police station, and it’s because I’ve been arrested on suspicion. For what? For finding a large storlen diamond necklace on the backseat of the city bus. . . “

If you’d like to read more samples from Creative Kids, check out their website.  I didn’t have luck with every link, but there was enough there to get the flavor of the magazine and make me want to read more. And if your students—or your child—might be interested in submitting, the Submit Your Work link gives all the particulars. Even in this day of electronic communication, there is nothing quite like holding a full-color paper magazine and finding your work in print. May the creative kids around you share that opportunity!


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