Dinovember: When Plastic Dinosaurs Come to Life

DinoeggsHow can anyone who cares about creativity not love this? On the chance that you missed it on Tumblr, Facebook, Good Morning America or the Huffington Post, here’s a tribute to Dinovember, the month plastic dinosaurs come to life.

Dinovember is the creation of Refe and Susan Tuma, of Kansas City, MO, who wanted to do something special for their daughters. They determined to convince the girls that their plastic dinosaurs come to life while children are sleeping. DinotoiletpaperThese creative parents began setting the dinosaurs up in elaborate scenarios to be discovered each morning, from breaking into the eggs, to playing board games, or going wild with the toilet paper.  And they encourage other families to play along.

How much fun is that? And even if you don’t have the time and energy to do a scene every day, imagine how much joy just a few efforts would bring. And how much fun could older children have envisioning dinosaur adventures for younger siblings or friends?

And so, as those of us in Michigan watch the landscape turn dreary and the snowflakes begin to fall, Dinovember gives us new smiles and moments of celebration. If you’d like to play along, you can follow Dinovember at the Facebook or Tumblr links above or on Twitter at #Dinovember.

My month is better already.

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