What are YOU doing November 21? How about making art?

everyartistDo you have plans for November 21, 2013? How about joining an effort to create the largest children’s art event in history? (And U.S. teachers, a Thanksgiving-appropriate activity to boot!)

Last year Everyartist.me, brainchild of artist Brendan O’Connell, set the World Record for a collection of children’s art. In April 2012, 8,416 young artists filled an Arkansas BrandonOConnellfootball field with their art. This year, in Everyartist Live! is entering the virtual world and hopes to engage a million children in the largest art event in history, each interpreting the theme of Gratitude.

I know I spend a lot of time emphasizing that creativity is not just art. I’ve met too many adults who believe that their creativity begins and ends with their skill at representational drawing. I want them to understand that creativity is the foundation of all disciplines, not just the arts.

But art matters. Art provides a place for children’s dreams, emotions, and imaginings. Art sparks creativity far beyond the immediate form. Art is foundational to the human experience across millennia. Don’t you want to be a part of that?

Everyartist.me is calling for parents, teachers, club sponsors, museum curators, and anyone else who works with elementary-age children to organize Everyartist Live! events on November 21, 2013. Organizers will be able to download a kit with hints, supplies, and even a press release for the local media. Children’s art can be uploaded to the Everyartist.me website or through the Everyartist app. I can’t imagine a more joyful event than a million children’s imaginations sharing that most joyful of human emotions: gratitude. Check it out.

“One day, one million kids, billions of creative sparks.”


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