Family Fun: Colors Changing

fallleaves3One of the best things about fall in Michigan is watching the leaves change. Trees that are mostly green October 1st are brilliant with color in just a few weeks. I’ve done an earlier  Family Fun post on leaf activities, so this month we’ll look at activities that focus on changing colors.

1. Of course leaves were the idea that started it all, so you might want to start with this activity that investigates the color-behind-the-color that’s behind the brilliant autumn displays. Rubbing alcohol and a coffee filter leaves-change-fifthcan help you see the varied colors behind the green. Try the experiment with several kinds of trees and see what you discover.

2. Want one more experiment? Try for some amazing color-changing milk! Just beware, if, like mine, your refrigerator contains only skim milk, this experiment will not work. It is dependent on “fat molecule gymnastics.” Who could resist that? Of course, trying the activity with different kinds of milk would make a great investigation. Take a look at the fun.

Color splash bath 043. If you have a little one, you might have fun with this color-changing bath activity. Imagine combining water, bubbles, and powered paint (or sidewalk chalk) for a hands-on investigation of color. And the best part is, the whole mess can go right down the drain (OK, assuming you do a good job rinsing!)

4. Does the color of a room affect your mood? Decorators think so. See if you agree with these assessments of how color affects you. For an interesting investigation, see if there is any relationship between the color of the rooms in your house and where family conflicts occur. (Are you a family without conflicts? Then celebrate and skip this activity!) Are family members really calmer in blue spaces? More excited in bright colors? What else could affect the areas of the home in which family members are more peaceful or more excitable? Having that discussion could be both a great activity for considering multiple-causes and a good opportunity for family problem solving. And you might have a lot of fun imagining the colors you’d use in an ideal family space. Try this color scheme designer and see what you think.

5. For some animals, changing colors can be a matter of survival. There are lots of examples, but one place to see some interesting examples is these 7 Color-Changing Wonders of the Animal Kingdom. Think about what colors change in your environment. Imagine that you could create an animal that would be the ideal color(s) for that space. What would it look like? How would it change?

For inspiration, check out this octopus!

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