Global Cardboard Challenge

cardboardchallengeIt’s time again, for the Global Cardboard Challenge! The Imagination Foundation describes the Challenge: “The Global Cardboard Challenge is an annual challenge that invites kids around the world to design and build awesome creations using cardboard, recycled materials and imagination. The challenge culminates in a Global Day of Play on October 5th, marking the 2nd anniversary of the flashmob in the “Caine’s Arcade” short film, bringing communities together to celebrate the creativity and imagination of children around the world.”

Last year’s challenge featured more than 270 events in 41 countries around the world. Wouldn’t you like to be part of the next one? There are three simple steps.

  1. Build and Create. Use “Caine’s Arcade” or the online gallery as inspiration and build something exciting out of cardboard. carboardcarThis could be a school project, club project, or great family activity. If you want, register your event and become part of the official challenge. Just scroll down this page to find registration information and resources. Here’s a basic information sheet. You can find a slide show and “Organizer Playbook” on the same page.
  2. Celebrate a Day of Play. The official Celebration date is October 5, but the exact date is not essential. The most important thing is that you invite family, friends and community to celebrate your creations—and childhood creativity in general. Invite another class, have a party, set up a display in front of your school or home and see who stops by. It is up to you. But celebrate.
  3. Share with the World. While it’s not required, the Global Cardboard Challenge encourages sharing your creations through Twitter (#cardboardchallenge) and other media. Perhaps you’ll be part of next year’s website! I’d love to hear about your adventures, too, so perhaps you’ll consider sharing here.

And, in the off chance that you missed “Caine’s Arcade” when it buzzed across the globe, here’s an explanation. Prepare to be inspired!

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