Creativity in the Classroom: 5th Edition!

CIC5This feels a bit like a birth announcement. While the labor involved is a lot less painful, the birthing of a book–even a revision like this one–is a long process. I’m delighted to share the happy news that the 5th Edition of Creativity in the Classroom: Schools of Curious Delight is now available.

I hate buying new editions that look just like the last one, but with a new cover, so I try hard to make sure each new version of the book is genuninely improved. Much of the new material originated here, on Creativiteach, so this seems the appropriate place to make the announcement.

The publisher’s website says, “The 5th edition of this well-loved text continues in the tradition of its predecessors, providing both theoretical and practical material that will be useful to teachers for years to come.” I’ve taken enough courses to be pretty dubious about the idea that any textbook could be well-loved, but it’s a happy idea. I hope readers find it useful. If it is, and good things happen for children–well, what more could I want for my efforts?

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