Mysterabbit, Art, and You

mysterabbitEver wish you were an artist? Me, too. Ever want to take part in something big? Who wouldn’t? Here’s the chance to take part in a global street art project that is both enormous and tiny—or perhaps to plan one of your own.

The project is called Mysterabbit. Take a look–and watch carefully for the tiny scuptures, hidden in plain sight..

Artist/Designer Ji Lee and his team are tucking thousands of tiny sculptures in the form of meditating rabbits into ordinary corners around the globe. The project aims to help passers-by stop for a moment and notice the small gifts of beauty around them. And you can be a part of the effort.

If you live in London, New York, Toronto, Portland, San Francisco, or Sao Paulo, you can sign up for free Mysterabbits. If not, and you have access to a 3D printer, the same link will allow you to download a file to make your own Mysterabbits. While you are at the website, take a look at the wonderful photos of Mysterabbits placed by participants around the globe.

But what if you don’t live in a Mysterabbit city or have access to a 3D printer? Why not capture the spirit of Mysterabbit in your own project? What tiny objects could you create that would bring a bit of mystery and wonder to your community? Think about what would make you smile, or perhaps something that is unique to your area. When you place your objects, be sure to document them with a photograph—and perhaps send it here so we can all see it!


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