Give A Little Love–Creatively

GivealittleloveThis video has been making the rounds on Facebook, but it is worth repeating here–particularly as valentine thoughts are waning.  In it, Noah and the Whale’s rendition of “Give a Little Love,” provides the background to a short story of cause, effect, and kindness.

Think about how this video could be used to spark a discussion on cause and effect. Watch once, to experience the video. Then watch again, taking notes about each action and the effect it spurred. Next, ask students to create their own sequence. It could take a number of forms. Imagine a story, a children’s book, a series of fantasy tweets, or even a video.

You could expand this project to other disciplines by considering cause and effect in history, or in ecological systems. A depressing but effective video could be made starting with one person’s deciding to thow something out the window, or into a drain. There are so many connections in the world to be explored. We’d love to hear about your creations.

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