Creative Solutions: One Can at a Time

In my part of the world, we are in the middle of a season full of lights, music, festivities and gift giving. It is also a time when many people think about sharing with those in need. Clearly, some of us do this with exceptional creativity!

Canstruction is an organization that collects food for the hungry by sponsoring competitions to construct fantastic, giant sized, structures made entirely out of canned food. The creations are open to the general public as giant art exhibits then, at the close of the competitions, all of the food used in the structures is donated to the local food banks.

Take some time to explore the Canstruction website and look at the amazing creations. Check out  this short video to see more results.

Or, if you are interested, listen to some of the builders describe how they do it.

Now, think about what you could do. Perhaps you could sponsor an adult Canstruction competition near you. Maybe your school can manage something smaller, with miniature can sculptures—still providing food for those in need. Or maybe you’d like to have some canned fun at home. Build something wonderful and then donate the food to a local charity. Creativity, gratitude and generosity all at once. It doesn’t get much better than that. We’d love to see pictures of your efforts, large or small.

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