Delicious Numbers

It is nearly Thanksgiving time in Michigan, and so, of course, all thoughts turn to feasting. All across the United States people are contemplating turkey, stuffing, pie and—delicious numbers? Possibly. Because today’s post features the appropriately titled website, Yummy Math.

Yummy Math focuses on bringing real-world thinking and problem solving into the classroom. It is organized by math topic (probability, number sense, etc.) and also by subject areas, typical and not-so-typical. You can search for activities under “Math and Science,” or “Math and Social Studies,” but also under “Math and Food” or “Holidays and Annual Events.”

The thing I love about Yummy Math is that is doesn’t just ask students to answer questions, it prompts them to create them. For example, a Veterans’ Day activity provides a moving chart of the numbers veterans, types of service, and deaths in wars beginning with the Revolution. The activity prompts:

Use the data above to create 3 questions to ask your class tomorrow.  Your questions should help students understand the magnitude of American Veterans’ service in our country.

When students experience math in real-world contexts, it not only enhances their learning, but it makes it possible for them to ask and answer original math-related questions. Check out Yummy Math. It is delicious and calorie-free!

PS I can’t resist a shout-out to my friend Ellen, whose creative adaptation for Thanksgiving led to my most delicious Thanksgiving memories. When her family was young, Ellen was discouraged that her efforts to bake wonderful Thanksgiving pies were largely ignored because by the time dinner was finished everyone was too full to eat them. Being a creative soul, Ellen used the Reverse element of SCAMPER and reversed the food Thanksgiving Day. She started serving pie for breakfast! This eventually led to a Thanksgiving Pie Breakfast for friends and family that included pies of all possible descriptions. I won’t be with Ellen for Thanksgiving this year, but I never eat pie without thinking of her. Pie for breakfast, anyone?

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