Book Spine Poetry

Whether you are looking for a rainy-or-too-hot summer day activity, or a beginning of school project, book spine poetry may be just the thing. Book spine poetry is not difficult to construct, but with it you can create poems ranging from the silly to the profound. The concept is simple. Take a book with a title on its spine. Put another book on top and continue stacking until you’ve created a poem that can be read from top to bottom (or side to side).

Artist Nina Katchadourian’s sorted books project has examples of book spine poetry using clever juxtapositions that are fun for adults or older students. But even young children can stack books, and picture book spines can be ideal for stacking. Imagine a stack with the titles:

How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food?

Fast, Faster, Fastest

Garbage! Monster! Burp!

What fun! Take a look around the house, or take a seat on the library floor, and see what stacks you can make. You may be surprised at the poetry right before your eyes!

5 thoughts on “Book Spine Poetry

      • I put it on my blog–do you want it posted here too! Some that were not posted:

        Mary Poppins
        The Girl who Played with Fire

        Mary Poppins
        The Girl who could fly
        First Day Jitters
        Highest Duty
        Harry Potter
        The Maze Runner
        It Takes a Village
        Mary Poppins
        The Help
        Takes a Village Idiot.

        (We had two copies of Mary Poppins so Joshua put it in there.)


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