Family Fun #2: Water, Water, Everywhere!

Remember, for the summer, each Monday Creativiteach will feature family activities designed for both fun and creativity. Our second week of creative Family Fun activities is all about WATER.

1. There is nothing like a warm summer rain, so why should it keep us indoors? Invent a new game that can only be played in the rain.

2. Use water to make music. Take a look at this amazing house in Dresden, Germany. It was designed by three collaborative artists including Christoph Roßner, Annette Paul, and Andre Tempel. The three artists knew that the building needed to have rain gutters, so why not get a bit creative? This system of drains and gutters features various sized metal cones that play music when it rains. Can you make something like this in miniature? Or perhaps you’d rather use water to make another kind of instrument. How about blowing across bottles with different amounts of water to make music?

Or if music isn’t your passion, approach the same wall from an engineering point of view. The artists had to make water go where they wanted it. Gather as many pots, pans, and assorted treasures as possible. Find a nice outdoor spot and see how many ways you can move water from point A to point B.

3. Make a balloon boat. There are commercial balloon boats on the market, but you can make your own. Basically a balloon boat uses the air from a balloon to power some kind of floating platform through the water. Experiment with different materials and shapes. Which ones go further? Faster? Are they the same?

4. Experiment with siphons. Start with a basic activity, then elaborate (one of the key attributes of divergent thinking!) What makes the water move faster? Slower?

5. Who needs a water park? Build a homemade water attraction. You might want to build a kid wash. Start with this basic idea from Familylicious, then adapt it to make it your own. Or start with this basic idea for a slip-and-slide, then start creating. What would make it more slippery? Longer? More gooey fun? (Maybe you’ll need that kid wash afterwards!) Think about what other water attractions you could create at home.

When you come up with good ideas, please share.

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