Visual Prompts: With Thanks to John T. Spencer

I really enjoy John Spencer’s blog Education Rethink. I don’t always agree with him, but he always makes me think, and his ideas consistently point both teachers and students toward critical and creative thinking.

Today I thought I’d share one of my favorites: his collection of visual prompts. Unlike most such collections, this one is not focused solely on creative writing, but includes options from multiple disciplines. The prompts are sufficiently thought provoking that they are interesting either for lesson planning or just personal thought exercises. Consider giving yourself 5 minutes to ponder a photo prompt on a summer day. What a way to energize the brain!

To explore, start with the blog post Ten Thoughts on Visual Prompts. You could start with a prompt like this one. It appears to focus on creative writing. Now think about the math involved.

What about this prompt using Facebook as a way to consider globalization?

If you’d like more, go to Tumblr for a larger collection of prompts.

Do signs discourage or encourage behavior?

Even grammar can be interesting.

Take some time to explore, then go tell John his prompts are great. I’ve never met him, but who doesn’t like to hear their work is appreciated?

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