My Fake Wall: Who’s on Facebook Now?

7/17/2012 Currently My Fake Wall appears to be off line. It had been on and off for a while so I continue to hope for its return. Fortunately,  “Fakcbook”, from now offers very similar options. You also might want to check out these options from the Web 2.0 blog.

What if Christopher Columbus had a Facebook page? What about Holden Caulfield? Or Vladimir Putin? Thinking about how historical or literary characters might use contemporary social networking sites provides a fine exercise in flexible thinking. It can also, if the assignments are well structured, provide insight into students’ understanding of points of view, key events, and interpersonal relationships.

My Fake Wall is website that allows user to create simulated Facebook pages that can be shared through various social networking sites or captured by taking a screen shot of your computer. Check out the sample pages for historical characters like Benjamin Franklin and imagine how this could be used for Social Studies projects. Now imagine using the same strategies in literature. The site is not difficult and pages can be created quite quickly. Imagine how a reluctant writer might react to an assignment to create a Facebook page for a favorite character–or even a favorite pet.

Here’s a sample page I created in about 20 minutes, using photos of my friend’s dogs. This is Maude’s page–and yes, she really can open the refrigerator.

My Fake Wall has lots of potential for creativity, both academic and not-so-academic. Enjoy!


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