The Plan

So, friends, here’s the plan. I’ve been trying to decide on a reasonable number of posts for this blog—enough to keep it useful and to keep creativity on the mental front burner, but not so many that I can’t manage them. I decided to aim for two posts per week. On Monday I’ll post a “What can I do on Monday” suggestion—a lesson idea, web resource, or assessment strategy of some type. Of course I know you won’t be using the plan that Monday (because you all finished your lesson plans last Friday, right?), but I like the Monday-morning spirit of practicality. Of course this means we’ll need lots of good lesson ideas—maybe some from you! Check the “About Creativiteach” tab for a form to contact me if you’d like to contribute.

Some time later in the week, I’ll post again, with a wider range of options. This week I’ll think one more time about the importance of failure. This is also the place for guest posts of a more reflective nature.

Along the way, I’m working to create pages to collect resources that will useful in supporting creativity in classrooms. This week I’ll be unveiling a page of basic creativity techniques (brainstorming, SCAMPER, and the like) that can be referenced in lesson ideas. I’m excited to think about the resources we can gather here. Have a great Monday!

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