How It All Began

This is how it all started. I was 21 years old, teaching in a one-building district in a county populated by more cows than people. And I loved it—muddy playgrounds, missing teeth, purple ditto machines, and all.

Many years later, I am still a teacher at heart, though most of my students are earning masters’ degrees and my “classroom” is online. But when I think about the threads that link  then and now, one of the keys is my curiosity about how I can help students to think beyond the obvious. How do I help them make good judgments? And how do I help them find the unique within themselves and bring it to light? From my long-ago joy in Michelle’s sea-story about making a “peanut butter and jellyfish sandwich” to today’s delights in a successful student thesis, I don’t think there is anything more rewarding—or more important—than helping students find their creativity.

And so, Creativiteach was born. Despite my novice blogging skills, I’ve succumbed to friends who believe I should have a “web presence,” because I can’t think of anything that would be more fun than developing a space in which creativity can be studied and shared. I have high hopes of building something exciting here—a place for lesson ideas, information on research, technology tools, assessment strategies, and anything else we can collectively envision. But for now, I’ll start with a blog. I’m anxious to hear your voices and suggestions as we build a community of educators who care about creativity and teaching. Welcome to the adventure!

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